What we do

Our main purpose is to encourage social activities through sports. We want to be an active facilitator for making that posible by lending out sports equipment for everyone, and by that hopefully becoming a contributing actor in a healthy and happy student life, as well as for other parts of society


Bumerang was started in the fall of 2015 and had its first lend out 1st of December same year. By 1st of January 2018 we have already managed to move to a place in the new part of Moholt Studentby, we have loaned out our equipment several thousand times, and we have had more than 35 volunteers joining our volunteer program.

Opening hours (Corona measures)
Delivery day Monday: 17:00 until 18:00
Pick up days Thursday and friday: 17:00 until 18:00
Delayed delivery
When delivering to late an automatic warning will be given. With repeated cases of delayed delivery services from Bumerang will not be given. The reason for strict rules is to maintain a good service to everyone that is borrowing from us. Worst case they might not be able to go on their planned cabin trip. In severe cases we will consider immidiate loss of service from Bumerang
How to make a reservation:
All reservations should be done through our website

All eqipment we lend out can be found here.

You can find an instruction and all equipment here:

You will find us in Moholt building 6, close to Herman krags veg 28.
Our equipment
• Skies
• Tents
• Ice skates
• Snow shoes
• Alpine equipment(old)
• Fishing equipment
• ++
We do not have any sleeping bags due to hygiene issues

Full equipment list and availability can be found here

Equipment is available for everyone.
All reservations must be done in advance.
Equipment returned late will give you a strike
Equipment reserved but not picked up will give you a strike.
On second strike person will not be able to lend from us. Repeal of this will be considered against explainations that are mitigating circumstances.
In general; respect that others also want to lend, so keep you appointment.

All equipment is to be handed back as you received it.
Broken equipment must be replaced.