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When requesting equipment, make sure to tell us your spesific requests(including all sizes needed, shoe size, how tall you are) and for which period(dates, with regards to opening hours) you would like to borrow from us. Without this you might be unfortunate to fall behind in line :) A list of all equipment could be found at www.ntnuibumerang.no PS: When delivering back equipment; it is important that you come earlier, preferably at 5 to deliver. This will avoid that people are waiting a hole hour for their equipment. PS2: all reservations are done by sending a message on this facebook page. Mails or phonecalls cannot be used for booking. PS2: we do not do drop in. Make sure to order in advance. PS3: Only short term lend outs, meaning 2-3 days or throughout the weekend PS4: we only have so much capacity, and you might not get your answer immidietly. Please be patient.:)