When sending a request ( to our facebook page):
When requesting equipment, make sure to include:
• All sizes needed: shoe size, how tall you are. Be Spesific!
• Write pick up and delivery dates(dates, with regards to opening hours)
• Only short term lend outs, meaning 2-3 days or throughout the weekend
• Check if equipment is might be available below
• All reservations are done by sending a message on this facebook page. Mails or phonecalls cannot be used for booking.
• All reservations must be done in advance.
• All reservations must be done in English.
• We only have limited capacity, and won't be able to answer immidietly. Please be patient.:)
•When picking up equipment, check your equipment for damages
Example message
Equipment is available for everyone.
All reservation must be done in advance.
Equipment returned late will give you a strike
Equipment reserved but not picked up will give you a strike.
On second strike person will not be able to lend from us. Repeal of this will be considered against explainations that are mitigating circumstances.
In general; respect that others also want to lend, so keep you appointment.
All equipment are to be handed back as you received it.
Broken equipment must be replaced.
Replacement cost:

• Skies: varies
• Poles: 279 kr
• Binding: 250 kr
• Ski pole spatula: 50 kr
• Ski pole strap lock: 60 kr
• Ski pole strap: 60 kr
• Ski strap: 35 kr
• Lures: 25 kr
• Tent peg: 25 kr
• Tent poles: varies
• Tents: varies
• Other equipment will be charged with cost for replacing it
Can be paid in cash (exact amount) or by Vipps
Our equipment
• Skies
• Tents
• Ice skates
• Alpine equipment
• Fishing equipment
• +++
We do not have any sleeping bags due to hygiene issues

*Avalable equipment list does not account for any unanswered messages that is yet to be added

Returning equipment
• Come earlier, preferably at 5 to deliver. This will avoid that people are waiting a hole hour for their equipment.
• Return equipment dried and in same condition as loaned out
Delayed delivery

When delivering to late an automatic warning will be given. With repeated cases of delayed delivery services from Bumerang will not be given. The reason for strict rules is to maintain a good service to everyone that is borrowing from us. Worst case they might not be able to go on their planned cabin trip. In severe cases we will consider imidiate loss of service.

Equipment list